Angry Bird: The EGG RUN


On a sunny and beautiful afternoon, the Angry Bird named Red was busy with his work on this quiet island, and suddenly some villagers come with panic and said “Our most precious treasure on this island – “The Egg” is gone! Everyone quickly searched around the island, but unfortunately they couldn’t find anything for a long time. At this time, Red found some footprints nearby the beach and suspect it should belongs to the Bad Piggies, Red starred at a small island where the huge castle built on. Angry Bird is really angry this time! He then form his team with their special skills, the extremely fast sprint bird (Chuck), the egg bomb laying bird (Matilda), and the boomerang bird (Hal). They decided to take this battle to Piggy Island and retrieve “The Egg”. They definitely need your help!

Could you help Red and his team to successfully retrieve “The Egg” within the time limit to save the island and return it to peace ?