Angry Bird – The EGG RACE


There are two islands on this vast and wide ocean, one belongs to the Angry Birds, and the other one belongs to the Bad Piggies. The war between them never end as they both wish to dominate the two islands. On a dark night, in a huge castle, the Bad Piggies King is conspiring with his subordinates to discuss the plan of attack on the Angry Bird Island and to steal their most precious treasure – “The Egg”. The plan is very complicated and the adventure is really challenging. First, we must start from the castle, then cross the majestic ocean and into the Angry Bird island, then go deep into the bird’s secret room to grab “The Egg”. Can the Angry Birds protect “The Egg” or will the cunning Bad Piggies can steal it first? You are recruited by the Bad Piggies to join their army and complete this impossible mission together!